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Outtakes for the Outcast

by Sick Of It All

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Outtakes, B-sides, and cover songs, 1992-2001.


released October 19, 2004



all rights reserved


Sick Of It All New York, New York


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Track Name: I Believe
I believe that joy defines success
I'm aware of what causes my happiness
I believe the distance of my reach is far beyond what I ever dreamed
What I dreamed shaped my creed
All I need is self-belief
It's all you ever really need
I believe their world is misery
I'm aware they speak the language of despair
I believe in seeing through the fear
The fear of the future that's breeding mediocrity
The opposition fuels the fire
And only strengthens my desire
To break away from what's expected
And throw it in their face
The opposition makes me dream
Of how much better I can be
To outshine their drab existence
And throw it in their face
Track Name: Stood for Nothing
Desperate little you, we've seen the act and it won't do
Helpless, pathetic you
It's always something, it's always something
Stood For Nothing
Show some pride, show something
You got no heart, you got nothing
Help me stay true so I'll never be like you
Stood for Nothing
It's all good I still believe in myself, humanity
It's all good I still believe - that's the way it's gotta be
Stood For Nothing - Piss in the dirt
Track Name: Straight Ahead
I'm for the people, I stand for them
If everybody learns to give a helping hand
You can count on me, your fellow man
In our fight for unity we stand
Look inside yourself and try to find a caring person with a positive mind
The way I think, the way I live
I walk straight ahead, I have something to give
Always there to hold out my hand
Because I care, i'll take a fuckin' stand
Track Name: My Little World
Stand still - nobody move
Don't look around, you'll ruin the mood
Progress - a dirty word
Same old shit, safe and secure
Shut out, shut down don't want to hear it
Please don't take it away
Stubborn - set in my ways
A limited life don't want to change
Slow down it's not time to go
Don't want to leave my little world
What makes us afraid of progress that is made
To really understand you've got to free your mind
Can't let us get stuck in a generic rut
With a narrow view you've got to free your mind
Consistency can be such a wonderful thing
As long as you are open and you free your mind
Track Name: Soul Be Free
Soul be free - not chained in any way be petty jealousy
Soul be free - not bound in any way by selfishness or greed
The bonds that were formed over the years suddenly so flimsy and weak
So did they ever exist?
I just watched as my life was criticized so I could judge who had my happiness in mind
My best interest isn't your best interest
Count me out if I'm to serve you further
My best interest isn't your best interest
Let me out if it's that one-sided
Let them do what they do and make a list
Check it out and see what friends amount to shit
I want the best for the souls that are close to me
I won't stand in the way of their happiness
I want the best for the souls that are dear to me
I won't stand in the way of their freedom, their calling, their destiny
Track Name: Blatty (Human Egg)
Shorter, wider, browner, greener
And more blatty than a human egg
Track Name: 86
I want you to mean it
I want you to feel it
I don't want a closed mind which would just bring us down
Hit you right and hit the intellect
Hit you where it has some meaning
Understanding the philosophy
Know and see the fundamental history
86 - 86 - Hardcore rebuke
Negative element - turn bad to good
There's so much to offer
So often looked over
Mistaken outsiders just see all the anger
Stay outsiders and stay that way
In your only dimension
We'll enjoy all the benefits
This community will keep it in the family
Foolish action - 86 - 86
Macho faction - 86 - 86
There's a dunce in the bunch, grab your shit, hit the bricks
You're 86
Are you self-conscious?
Think we're forgiving unneeded schisms? NO!
Track Name: Never Measure Up
No one can see you, no one can see
No one can sense humility
No one can hear you, no one can hear
Inadequacies in the air
The greatest fear for you to be exposed for all the world to see
Never Measure Up
Hide out - I know they see me
Hide out - I know they see
Hide out - I know they sense humility
Hide out - I know they hear me
Hide out - I know they hear
Hide out - and now I face my greatest fear
Track Name: The Future Is Mine
If you want to save me, leave me alone
With your sick, polluted soul
If you want to save me, leave me alone
The future is mine
It's such a waste of precious time, precious years
Precious feelings that are misdirected
And should be disconnected
It's such a shame to learn a lesson
After giving of yourself in so many ways
To find it didn't pay
Don't want to compromise myself
Low self image hasn't got the best of confidence
At least not yet it hasn't
Only the least affected can be the most respected
Just to escape is worth the temporary pain and hurt
I've had enough this time - the future is mine
My friends objectively told me again and again and again and again
About the things that I refused to see
Track Name: Just Look Around (Remix)
The question they keep asking me
How can one so young be so bitter and angry
Well the answer is plain to see
Maybe if they weren't so blind they'd see what I see
I see the homeless living out on the street
Every corner they're asking for money
I try to help them whenever I can
Sometimes I can't afford to help myself
I see diseases, modern plagues of our time
The greed of our leaders has made them blind to our problems
They spend millions overseas
People right here are fighting wars everyday
I see the whites that hate the blacks
Blacks against the Jews
Race against religion
And they're all too blind to see
When we fight each other it puts all of them at ease
It keeps us so busy so they can do what they please
Election time comes and they're out for votes
That's when we see and hear from them the most
This is what they're calling a democracy
That's just another word for hypocrisy
We keep falling for the bait
And when we realize it's always too late
I see the whites that hate the blacks
Blacks that hate the Jews
Brother against brother
And they're all too blind to see
As the rich get richer the poor are going hungry
I see the toll it takes on the working man's family
Education system that's obsolete
Can't hold the kids’ interest, or keep them off the streets
See a father's fear, hear a mother's cry
What kind of a nation lets their children die?
Government corrupt and full of red tape
Then you're gonna ask me why I hate?